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Become An Expert At Internet Marketing
Video #1: What is Internet Marketing and Why Should You Care
Video #2: Starting with Solid Foundations
Video #3: Introduction to Content Marketing
Video #4. A Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Video #5. An Introduction to SEO Part 1
Video #6. An Introduction to SEO Part 2
Video #7. An Introduction to PPC
Video #8. What Is Affiliate Marketing
Video #9. More Strategies
Video #10. Conclusions
Internet Marketing For Beginners Everything You Need to Know to
Launch and Run a Highly Successful Internet Marketing Campaign


Chapter 1:
What is Internet Marketing and Why Should You Care?
Who is Internet Marketing For?
Let’s Do This! What You Will Learn

Chapter 2:
Starting With Solid Foundations
Choosing a Niche  
So Then, How Do You Pick a Niche?
Creating a Stunning Website

Chapter 3:
Introducing Content Marketing  
What is Content Marketing?
How to Fill Your Site With Stunning Content that Will Attract Visitors and Build Trust
What if You Can’t Write?

Chapter 4:
A Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing
More Tips for Getting Your Social Media Right

Chapter 5:
An Introduction to SEO
How SEO Works
SEO: Then and Now
Modern SEO Best Practices
Local SEO
Final Words

Chapter 6:
An Introduction to PPC
How PPC Works
Targeting Ads

Chapter 7:
What is Affiliate Marketing? And the World of Internet Marketing
How Affiliate Marketing Can Help You Promote Your Product
How to Make Money as an Affiliate
Welcome to the World of Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 8:
More Strategies: Analytics, Press Releases, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing
and More
Email Marketing
Press Releases
Influencer Marketing

Chapter 9:

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